Netflix updated and the extension doesn't work anymore

Guys nobody is going to talk about how the extension doesn’t even work anymore??
Netflix changed it’s interface and now nothing works.


It’s working fine for me

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Maybe it helps to deactivate all the other chrome extentions in order to eliminate a possible conflict.

nope nothing works, btw did you notice that netflix changed right? the interface changed.

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Some time ago. What does not work?

Like the switch to turn on the extension just isn’t there, it’s just regular netflix. It’s been like this since the interface changed!


Strange. I hope you soon get help. I would test it on another browser and on another PC in the mean time.

Still works for me. Hope you get it fixed soon!

Bro my life is so weird, now it works for some reason and the interface got back to normal, it’s like netflix updated and then removed the update and now i can see it again. Anyways life is strange.

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Now it works but thanks for the message!


Strange as this is happening with me now. It was working like a week ago and now it’s not. Any ideas to what is going on?

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I can’t stop words anymore, nor use the mini dictionary / vocab lookup, it’s totally broken for me. I’ve tried re-installing, just gives me an error when I press the star to save a phrase.

Anyone else having this issue?

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Yep, not just you, been that way for me for a couple days now.


Great to hear I’m not alone! Thanks for the response, I hope they fix this issue soon

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It jus happned to me, I cannot swich on the subtittles

Please visit this page to fix the extension:

This will disable Netflix A/B tests for your account, which is why the extension stops working for some users.

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Unfortunately switching the test participation off does not help at all.

Same situation here, Netflix has update and now this extension don’t work anymore, have you solved your problem?

I’m getting the same issue - probably since netflix has updated their UI so the extension can’t plug into it anymore?

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