LLN not loading since about 1 week ago

Hi, seems something has changed in Chrome or Netflix as the extension will no longer load. Netflix now loads as if extension is not installed.
I haven’t made any changes on my end but can no longer get the extension to load on my Windows 10 machine or MacBook Pro. I’ll try on Android with Kiwi Browser later and report back.
Note: I’ve tried updating the extension, removing and reinstalling it, uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome, setting Chrome setting to default… still same problem.
Same issue with or without VPN.

BTW… for intermediate language learners who need easy access to great spoken content I find this is by far and away the best language learning tool there is. Hats off!!!

Hi, problem resolved by following directions in the “Give Feedback” menu option in the extension. See extract below. Once I opted out the extension worked again as normal!

Extract …
NOTE: If the extension is not working correctly, try disabling Netflix test participation here: https://www.netflix.com/DoNotTest

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Yes, turning off netflix tests should fix it: