LL with netflix still not working. Anyone know how to fix?

LR is crashing my netflix so i can’t even watch anything, if I delete the extension netflix works fine.
Has anyone found a fix so it works without crashing netflix, so you can actually use LR dual subtitles ?

Nov 23 2021 still freezing Netflix. This is wild. LLN worked fine before. I can’t understand how LR is like soft crashing Netflix but works fine on Youtube…

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Same here. I used to study English by using LLN and I hadn’t used it for a while. I finally want to get started to study again and I didn’t expect that I couldn’t use it in Neflex…T.T. What happened? Since you guys have the same issue now, I really want the developer figure out to deal with this…

11/26/2021 and it still is crashing my Netflix. I took a hiatus from language learning due to how busy my college semester got and came back excited to start again and realized it now for some reason only works on YouTube, not Netflix. I made a post about it a couple of days ago but yeah I can’t even use Netflix now unless I delete the extension completely from Chrome.

I’ve been using it a lot and haven’t had any problems. I’m currently on the lastest version of Chrome (always keep it updated) and Windows 11, I live in the US, don’t use a VPN and I use LR for Spanish.

Some possible causes:
Interfering with other extensions you have installed.
Having issues with certain languages
Having issues with certain territories.
Having issues with certain operating systems