Not working

I just downloaded the Chrome extension. I’m using it on my laptop, but when I try to use it, it just says “-The first subtitle has not started yet-” even when the characters start talking. I thought maybe only a few movies/shows have LLN support, so I looked at the catalogue for what movies in Mandarin will work from a USA Netflix account and it still doesn’t work with “Secret” even though it’s in the catalogue. What’s going wrong?

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I actually just got it to work by clicking on the link from the catalogue. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work when I try to just open something within Netflix and use it.

HELP. Suddenly LR disappeared. WHen I go to extensions, it is not even an option.
I still have my LL extension pinned but when i go to netflix, it is simply not there. please help. need for teaching my lang classes

Hello I am having the same problem(The first subtitle has not started yet- loading main subtitles). Were you able to solve this issue?