Japanese - No LR subtitles when Netflix subtitles appear at the top or side of the screen

In many Japanese shows, there will be text at the bottom of the screen when they want to emphasize something that was said. To avoid hiding it, Netflix will move its subtitles to the top of the screen (and sometimes to the side).

When that happens, LR will not show any subtitles, even though it could get it. I am guessing the format of these subtitles is slightly different and the code is not able to handle it.

This is for LR Japanese to English
I am watching on Netflix France

Example video with missing subtitles - Love Village E1

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Hello @Vidy

First, did you report this bug to the devs ?
Even though it’s not like a bug but more like a coding problem

(Here is the way to report):

1.Click on the settings gear (:gear:)

  1. Select “Report bug”

  1. Explain the bug that you have (try to give them the maximum of infos that you have in the form)

Thank you


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Hi @Denis_Hurb23, thanks for your reply.

I did report the bug that way but didn’t get an answer just yet. I thought I would maximize my chances by posting here too in case the devs are more active on the forum.

Hopefully this isn’t too difficult to fix!