Chat feature is here..

We’ve been working hard to being you a new feature, it’s nearly ready for release. We’re opening up access to subscribed users today, and hope to role it out as widely as our hardware allows to free users (still bringing up a second server). She’s called Aria.

Some notes:
– Type in either the source or translation language, try it.
– You can hold the mic button for speech recognition… it’s good… works in source or translation language.
– There are corrections when you say something wrong. If you find these annoying, you can turn them off in the settings in the toolbar.
– Check the keyboard shortcuts, ‘TAB’ to switch focus to the text box.
– Actual communication with the gpt model occurs in English, so there is a layer of translation when you are practicing a language other than English.
– If you try diligently, you might get it to generate some material that some might find innapropriate. I don’t plan on dedicating a lot of energy to preventing that.

Features still to make:
– discuss a TurtleTube video with Aria.
– Good AI TTS for English at least.
– Train a custom chat model: improve Aria’s performance in different activities.
– Improve example prompts.

Known bugs:
– Some text formatting issues still.

Server might go down from time to time while we are ironing out issues.

We’re still trying to figure out how these language models are useful for language learning. If you got some ideas for good prompts we could include in the examples, or another idea, please write them here.


Great work! Are you still looking for developers? I have years of development experience and a masters in Language Education.


If you have time for “big features” like this, then surely you have time for smaller features that paid subscribers have requested such as a function that allows us to load custom subtitles. Or returning to us the ability to turn off the hovering dictionary (it’s terrible for Japanese).

Hi, I just added a setting “Show mini dictionary”, both to website and extension:

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Great, thank you for returning that function.

To be clear, both of my previous comments were in reference to the browser extension. So, if the website has the function to view a video with SRT, then it should be possible to use our own SRT with the browser extension as well?

We are working on that too - just there are some details there for the extension, so it will take longer, maybe a couple of weeks. Until then try this: just stays stuck on 'subitltes loading' for youtube videos in private library - #2 by spanner

Thank you for your swift replies, and I look forward to future functions for loading an SRT file via the browser extension. Also, sorry for hijacking this this thread with discussion points that are unrelated to the topic.

I have been a user of your browser extension since the old days when it was still called “Language Learning with Netflix”. As I am a relatively advanced Japanese learner, I don’t use the LR website, but the browser extension is critical for constant consumption of Japanese language content on Netflix, which us why I happily pay for the pro subscription!

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Very good!! I really like how it can correct your messages to proper translation. It would be nice to be able to adjust the speed it reads a response. But otherwise pretty useful

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Hi, I have been trying to get my chat bot to speak or have sound but I have been having trouble. Is that only a me thing or just in general. It had been working before.

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Apologies! I found the reason was because of my network

I love this new feature! Thanks! Would be possible to discuss any video on YouTube or article that we find interesting?

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the text based adventure! It’s cool how flexible it is when I ask for something unusual. I was wondering whether the vocabulary is meant to be at our individual learning levels? So far it has been pretty comprehensible. Also, I would love if future versions include the ability to hide the translation so I’m not tempted to peek.

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holy crap it corrected my awkward grammar too, this is amazinggggg

I just wanted to add that I found the settings and there is actually a display that just shows your target language. If that was hidden while you listen the first time, that would be cool too.

it happens to me sometimes that the page refreshes automatically, and I go back to home, all the chat is lost and I have to choose again an option to start. i wanted to report it as a bug if you don’t know it yet (it happens with Chrome and Edge, i use a MacBook).

I cannot get it to speak. What did you do to fix it?

I found that my issue was the internet connectivity

Hey Guys!

Regarding the TTS, have you considered using Microsoft’s Natural Voices? They’re 10X better than what you currently have.

just use the Edge browser; they’re miles better.
it also gives a voice to Persian!

Pro user here, the tool is incredibly effective, I type in french (Intermediate) to practice some Turkish.

So far so good, I got much more focused practice than that with my language partner,
I grew tired of being the one who writes the most to squeeze out some practice.

I would suggest adding characters, as she talks to me as an intelligent robot without experiences or preferences, better yet, to be able to modify her language, style and mood. (short, long, complex, simple, funny, serious etc)

I am so satisfied