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Hi. :slight_smile: I made this forum as a place that users can talk with each other, and we can talk with users. As it turns out, it’s mostly used for feature requests and bug reports, but feel free to create a topic for anything LLN / language learning related.

Me and Ognjen try to respond to all posts where we can contribute something, but we are overworked and have a lot on our minds. It takes us a while sometimes (a week maybe). Please don’t feel that we are neglecting you, it’s rather that we are in some half-alive zombie state most of the time. Or maybe Ognjen got distracted trying to make an AI girlfriend or something.


Dear sir
Why dont you add this addon to android platform, I now either there are a lot of people gona purchase it.Thanks.


@David_Wilkinson Please create Learn Language for Video Prime. Also, create a mobile app version in the play store. You need to open a new Telegram group also (you have to spend only 5minute for this)
I can see this is a huge project, I respect that. But you need a new platform and extensions in other browsers. There is no second great project as yours, believe me.


Hi David!

Highlighting words suddenly stopped working for me and I also received a message from YouTube notifying me the extension does not work properly. I would be appreciated if you could help me.


How do you remove the subtitle bar and make it appear above the original subtitles?

Hello, I just found out about this service through forum.language-learners.org; it’s a forum for highly-advanced polyglots to share tips on language learning.

I work as an interpreter and translator, professionally, so I’m always glad to see people working to help others learn new languages. I think you are bridging a much-needed gap.

So, I look forward to trying out this platform over the next week.


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iPad version pleassseeee!!


Hi Everyone,

I ve just found this forum to learning English language. I hope to spend more time here to discover.

Just found you recently, and oh how happy I am.
You make my language learning so easy, this is the best way to practice pronunciation.
Can’t wait to see the flashcards.

There is an app called Vocab (a flashcard app)
each time you finish the quiz – they show the percentage of your success and also you have the ability to repeat the words you failed at.

that would be so great if you add that as well.

Thank you for your time n effort


Thanks @RiRi for your enthousiasm :). It’s indeed two neat features for the flashcard app that you mentioned. They are also in Anki and I also think they are good. The app is soon coming (as always :slight_smile: ). I’m sure you will be satisfy of it !

brazilian portuguese please!

brazilian portuguse please

brazilian portuguese, please!

@David_Wilkinson @oaprograms
Hi David & Ognjen,

I’m Alex, co-founder of LanguaTalk, a fast-growing language tutoring platform. I love using your tool, great work. I emailed you in January but perhaps you missed it or were busy.

We started partnering with other language learning tools and creators last year and this has had a great impact on us and our partners. They include well-known influencers like Lucy Bella Simkins and Benny Lewis, as well as learning platforms like Kwiziq and StoryLearning. Can you check the email and have a look at what I suggested? It would help your users and allow you to monetise whilst keeping the tool free for casual users.

Hello! I love this app so much! Its basically perfect for immersive learning! The feature i would be super interested in is the " [Books and Websites] coming soon feature. I love reading chinese webnovels on https://www.mtlnovel.com/ and id love to see something similar. but if you dont want to host the books using the original chinese book websites is also just fine for me if i can hear the books read out loud to me that will be worth it. Love your work!

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Thanks for the pointer to the forum :+1:t2:

Hi ı am very new is there this form as an application in ıphone appstore if yes which name

Hi @Emel_Senturk, welcome!

There is currently no official app (i.e., app in the app store). LR has a limited-use, app-like (PWA) experience using the URL http://www.languagereactor.com/phrasepump on phones and tablets (Android/iPhone) that can be used to navigate to the LR Forum.

I’m not sure how everything goes on Ipones, but my Android phone prompted me to create a shortcut for the PWA, which I use to navigate to the forum:

I hope this helps!

Dear David
I have just known about this website I am new . I can not understand this how it works