Hey. Developers. We need help.

Me and Ognjen have been working on LLN/LLY for a couple of years now. We have big plans, original concepts for powerful new features, and would like to move forward faster. Two guys can’t do everything at once. We have a stable income from our users, so we are looking for an experienced developer (or possibly two) to join us. Skills we need are:

  • React Native / Flutter for Mobile (native iOS/Android also a plus).
  • Modern Natural Language Processing, applying deep learning to new tasks.
  • General Linux backend, Postgres, NGINX, Node, Firebase.
  • General front-end stuff (with Typescript).

You don’t need to know all this stuff, the more the better. Interest in language learning is a big plus. You do need general maturity as a developer, conscientious attiude to building reliable systems in a challenging enviroment (with 1m users, what can break, will break).

Me and Og work hard, in sprints generally, then take a 1-2 weeks off. We meet fairly regularly to code/discuss stuff (usually around Eastern Europe, sometimes elsewhere). We are considering getting a big aparment in Berlin/Barcelona/? to use as a base. About 2/3 of the work can be done remotely.

You can offer the world:

  • Conceive, plan, implement and maintain features used and appreciated by one million users.
  • Help forge a new paradigm for language learning.

The job can offer you:

  • Interesting technical problems to solve, working with two other creative and capable devs.
  • Max. flexibility, no bureaucracy.
  • A nice monthly salary by European standards.
  • Over time, meaningful and real ownership of the project.
  • Employee canteen with unlimited greesy burek, ayran and cigarettes.

Please mail languagelearningextension@gmail.com with, 'TURTLE: ’ in the subject. :turtle:

Waiting for your email . :slight_smile:


Sounds like my dream job. Unfortunately, I am not qualified in the areas that you have been looking for. Waiting for your Test Engineer job advert!


I sent my cv, my name is jose angel soriano gonzalez

I’m going to send in my information, but I have a few questions. I’m an American college student, would it be possible to work on this project remotely as a sort of internship? I’m majoring in Comp Sci and minoring in Mandarin, so I have a love for language learning, both with human and computer languages :slight_smile: I know you listed this position for European residents but I’d really love to get involved with the project. Is there any possibility for me to help out?

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Hey! I sent my resume to you in an email, it lists my work and language experience. I would love to work with you guys. The name is Adebayo Ijidakinro.

I’m working as a researcher of CJK natural language processing in Tokyo.
I want to contribute your good product’s improvement in translate accuracy.
My e-mail adderss is anosillus_at_gmail.com