Reader mode

Hi. Me and Og have been prototyping “reader mode”:

Try it if you like, things are still broken but will be improving fast.

Features done:
– Paste in texts and process them with NLP
– Right click browser context menu option to import text from a webpage (needs development version of extension, not online yet).
– Paginate long texts.
– Basic dictionary with TTS.
– Machine translation with two-column layout. (Probably a pro feature, needs GPU server).
– Dictionary examples with audio (and video?).

– Good TTS for reading all text. (Probably a pro feature, needs GPU server, browser TTS for free users?).
– Saving texts for later.
– Sync audio to text (audiobooks).
– Saved items and flashcards tabs (bring over and improve the code that was on )


Please guide us on how to use it!

Would love to see more updates here

Amazing feature. Really looking forward for a first dev version extension :slight_smile: :+1:


Hey, just to let you know that we updated the beta version of the reader mode yesterday : LLN Tools

Now, for some languages pairs, a full translation of the text is available !

Languages pairs actually supported :

  • english to : spanish, french, german, croatian, japanese, chinese (mandarin), czech, russian, italian, hungarian
  • chinese to : english
  • french to : croatian
  • croatian to : french

Have fun guys ! Btw, if you have any request for a language pair, just let us know and we will see if we can make it :wink:


Very cool to see updates here :slight_smile:
If i try “Text Language” Japanese and “Translation Language” English i only get “Error loading text.”. Is it only working oneway atm?

Hi @Xlaech , thanks for the feedback.

We indeed still didtn’t have ja->en . But it’s not the reason why you got the error ^^. The error come from elsewhere and we need to fix it asap :).

PS : We just set the japanese to english model running. You will then be able to use it once the bug is fixed

Amazing. Thank you very much :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.

Fixed !

And the japanese to english translation is also available :slight_smile:

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Very cool. Worked perfectly for me. I have already seen, that the DBs are connected. So once we are able to safe words its already synced with the netflix version right?

LLN Tools https://www.languagereactor.comxe/settings is very promising. Please keep that “look and feel”. To me LLN helps me a lot to lower my shoulders when it comes to learning Chinese. LLN Tools comes in handy for listening and repeating words and subtitles.

Yes, that is one of our goal, and should be available soon in the beta :).


Thanks ! Please don’t hesitate to continue to share all your needs :wink:

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Thank you for adding the japanese transliteration setting. Helps a lot with reading if you want to disable it :slight_smile:

In order for “Saved Items” not to overfilled, it is best to use it in its current form as an “Inbox”. We therefore need an "Archived Items" for sentences and words that you want to organize; categorize and link with other texts and media files imported from Netflix / Youtube, or the clipboard or other sources. I envision today’s filter based on word color expanded with custom categories / tags. I also suggest that it be made possible to backup and / or export content and Reader settings

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Uuuu… I saw a little bit of color today in the reader :slight_smile:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-12 um 11.19.06

Keep it a secret, Ognjen will remove any color if he sees it. :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile: That TTS code is pretty buggy still, but I’ll get it fixed up.

:joy: No worries. I am just excited about the idea of marking the colors on websites as well :slight_smile:

Hello again @kirianguiller

I see that LLN tools / Reactor beta has been given the menu options Turtle Tube, Videofile and Text. It’s exciting. But when I try it, I see that Chinese mandarin with Pinyin does not yet have support on a par with e.g. Japanese and Korean. Is this the result of a new strategy or will Chinese learners get the same value for money as others in the future as well. Thank you for a quick clarification.