Reader mode

Hi. Me and Og have been prototyping “reader mode”:

Try it if you like, things are still broken but will be improving fast.

Features done:
– Paste in texts and process them with NLP
– Right click browser context menu option to import text from a webpage (needs development version of extension, not online yet).
– Paginate long texts.
– Basic dictionary with TTS.

– Machine translation with two-column layout. (Probably a pro feature, needs GPU server).
– Good TTS for reading all text. (Probably a pro feature, needs GPU server, browser TTS for free users?).
– Saving texts for later.
– Dictionary examples with audio (and video?).
– Sync audio to text (audiobooks).
– Saved items and flashcards tabs (bring over and improve the code that was on )


Please guide us on how to use it!

Would love to see more updates here

Amazing feature. Really looking forward for a first dev version extension :slight_smile: :+1:


Hey, just to let you know that we updated the beta version of the reader mode yesterday : LLN Tools

Now, for some languages pairs, a full translation of the text is available !

Languages pairs actually supported :

  • english to : spanish, french, german, croatian, japanese, chinese (mandarin), czech, russian, italian, hungarian
  • chinese to : english
  • french to : croatian
  • croatian to : french

Have fun guys ! Btw, if you have any request for a language pair, just let us know and we will see if we can make it :wink:

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Very cool to see updates here :slight_smile:
If i try “Text Language” Japanese and “Translation Language” English i only get “Error loading text.”. Is it only working oneway atm?

Hi @Xlaech , thanks for the feedback.

We indeed still didtn’t have ja->en . But it’s not the reason why you got the error ^^. The error come from elsewhere and we need to fix it asap :).

PS : We just set the japanese to english model running. You will then be able to use it once the bug is fixed

Amazing. Thank you very much :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.

Fixed !

And the japanese to english translation is also available :slight_smile:

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Very cool. Worked perfectly for me. I have already seen, that the DBs are connected. So once we are able to safe words its already synced with the netflix version right?