Remove subtitles for the hearing impaired by default

Since the vast majority of users are not hearing-impaired, it would make sense for LR to remove subtitles in brackets like [MUSIC] as generated by Youtube and, perhaps, provide an option to deactivate the filter in settings. This also helps keeping exports to Anki focused on useful sentences.

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I prefer the bracketed text in CCs (captions)—more opportunities for context and learning in my TL.

Though I agree the option for LR Members who wish to remove the bracketed text on CCs (captions) would be a great customization to offer as an accessible feature for all users.

However, I don’t believe text between brackets (captions) for the deaf and hard of hearing should be turned off by default.

P. S. For the devs, depending on how the code is implemented/run, please keep in mind that some shows (like Korean variety shows) can use brackets in subtitles for:

  • (Stylized) Text on screen: Some shows choose to omit text on screen from the CCs/Subtitles, but I think the on-screen text with a stylized font that can be hard for some people to read end up between the brackets in some subs/CCs.
  • Spoken dialogue that occurs off-camera
  • Non-spoken dialogue that is important to fully engage with the video: Ex., ㅋㅋㅋㅋ / ㅎㅎㅎㅎ for laughing)
  • Further context for the translation of Korean to another language: Ex. “for being over quickly” to indicate why a person said something/the context)

So hiding anything in brackets automatically would likely prevent some learners from engaging fully with the show/video.

This is why a toggle on/off feature (similar to the force original tracks feature) would be helpful in this case. —OR—like the drop-down menu (similar to the transliteration feature) selection option.

Please consider this when implementing any features like this! :pray: Thank you!

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This is literally the only feature I want for Netflix. The CC text is so distracting that it makes concentrating on the real subtitles very difficult. I don’t know if it’s typical for Korean shows or what, but it seems like half of the subtitles in any given show are CC, it’s really overwhelming.

I see you guys releasing fancy features all the time, and I’d trade them all instantly just to have this option!

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Hi @Freya!

Not sure if this helps as much as having a feature to remove brackets in CCs, but I did notice that using ASR (pro feature) for the subtitle language results in no brackets with text describing what is seen/heard in the music or environment of the show.

Maybe it will help reduce the overwhelm for now? (It’s not perfect for Korean and only for Netflix, but it was just an idea.)

I hope it helps!

What are ASR subtitles and are they available for Youtube or just Netflix?

Hi @Daniel_M1,

This is the link explaining ASR subs by the LR Team: New Feature: Speech Recognition on Netflix ("Subs for Dubs") 😮

This reply explains my using ASR for some shows that don’t have subtitles in my TL but do have audio in my TL (not a situation where the show was dubbed, but a situation where I could still use the ASR for Netflix feature): ASR subtitles don't work - #7 by joan_LanguageProcess

Just Netflix right now.

I hope they add it to YouTube, too (some day soon, I mean).

I know YouTube has that auto-generate subs feature, but it’s not always there. Not sure if an ASR by LR would be any better than YouTube’s auto-generated subs (which are pretty bad), but who knows.

P.S. Automatic speech recognition = ASR