Filtering out closed captions: (probably) trivial and extremely useful feature to implement

Hello! I absolutely love this extension. It’s been tremendously helpful in learning Korean for me. However, one feature that I think would be pretty easy to implement is a way to automatically filter out closed captions vs. dialogue subtitles in the target language.

I like to have the automatic pausing feature enabled whenever I watch things, but the player does not know the difference between descriptive closed captions (with descriptions of the music, sounds etc) and the actual dialogue transcript. So the player always pauses after these lines when I would like it not to.

These descriptive closed captions are always surrounded by brackets by convention (eg. [Sad Music] or [Rustling leaves]). These lines could probably be filtered out by a regular expression, and there could be an option to use a version of the subtitles in the target language with the CC removed, or an option to not pause on likes that are just bracketed text when using auto pause.

Thank you!!!



Thanks for the feedback! I added it to our features request list. It’ll probably take time till we will get to it.


+1 for this request, it would be such a huge improvement for me.