Making me pay a subscription??

I have been using this app for months and it has been great but suddenly today it logged me out. So when I logged back in, it said that I needed to join a free trial of a subscription to be able to access the subtitles. The Chinese subtitles that were once default are now labelled as “ASR”, I don’t know what that means but that was never there before. And apparently just to access the basic subtitles, it’s now part of a subscription. It’s crazy because I just used this last night and it was no problem :joy:. I really liked this tool because of how free and easy it was to use, and now it’s under a paywall :sob:. I request the paywall being removed plss :sunglasses:. Could any devs help me out? :sunglasses:

     Thanks, LeBron 😎

Hi @paulosm0,

I recommend searching around on the forum for information on the available features with LR to find more information on why some LR features require the Pro subscription and other features are free.

I know looking up all this information can be time-consuming since it tends to be a bit all over the place in Forums like this, so I wanted to through in some areas to start that may be helpful (or clear up the confusion).

I think the information below may help. (Please keep in mind the dates on the post):

Takeaway: No payment details are currently linked with LR unless you actively upgrade your account after the pro trial period.

Takeaway: Take advantage of this free opportunity while you can.

Takeaway: These are the most updated Pro features list. Check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Takeaway: ASR is a new feature (just released today) allowing you to enjoy the perks of Speech Recognition with Netflix dubbed audio. (Read more about it above. Note: I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know how good this feature is.)

  • Extra Note: Maybe this was an update that prompted a log out from your login in the LR extension(?) / website(?) ? :woman_shrugging:

Shorter version: You’re in a pro trial now. (It’s strange that it’s just taking effect after using it for months already). You can still use the LR extension and PhrasePump free when your Pro trial ends. But you won’t be able to save the words and phrases after your trial subscription ends.

I hope this helps you start looking more into LR!

Thank you so much for the detailed response. I get what you guys are saying. That’s very odd because I have finished several lengthy foreign shows with Chinese and English subtitles matching up together for absolutely free. You also said that ASR is for speech recognition? So do I have to pay just for the regular subtitles without any ASR? That feature has been there since the beginning and that’s the only one I plan on using.

Sincerely, LeBron :sunglasses:

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Yup! You got it!

No payment for regular double subtitles.

Regular subtitles (and the basic dictionary lookup–I believe) stay free regardless of the plan.

If that all sounds good to you the I think you should be good to just keep using LR and let the free trial you have access to fo 14 days run out without worrying about paying for anything.

Glad it helped, LeBron! :slight_smile:

In case this is still helpful to anyone - “Mandarin [Original]” is referring to the audio track, which is what ASR uses to generate the subtitles. For Chinese, the subtitle options from Netflix are usually labeled “Simplified Chinese” and/or “Traditional Chinese”, and those are still free if Netflix has them. I’m guessing OP was using one of those before the pro trial started.