Pro Features — Pro Plan Membership

I just Signed Up For Language Reactor And I want To Know Which Features Are Pro. Because I will Be Using This For Free In The Future.

Hi @Metlos,

I saved this screenshot before I subscribed to Pro in Juneish (2023):

In the most recent #news (News from the Team), the Developer David_Wilkinson mentions Speech Recognition on Netflix (“Subs for Dubs”) also being a part of the Pro features soon.

Some Details from the Help Tab -> FAQ Tab of Language Reactor

What does the Pro subscription include?
Pro mode primarily includes 2 additional features: machine translations and saving words and phrases. A single Pro subscription can be used on Netflix, Youtube and website (TurtleTV, flashcards, text mode). […] Some quotas apply for machine translations: you can watch about 5 hours of (new, previously untranslated) content every day. This quota also applies to exporting subtitles - machine translations will only be included within the quota.

Note: This note is up-to-date with how things stand as of July 2023. As for how out of date it is, I am not sure.

From what I recall from my Pro Trial period experience, after using Pro to mark and save words, you should still be able to see all your saved words and phrases; you just won’t be able to save anymore or get Machine translations (and now "Speech Recognition on Netflix ‘subs for dubs.’

I hope this helps!

Does That Mean I Won’t Be Able To Use Phrase Pump? If So, I love It.

This is me just guessing. So please take this with a grain of salt until someone who knows for sure can chime in…

But, I think basic (nonPro) users can still use PhrasePump but with more limited functionality.

I know you wouldn’t be able to save phrases. But you may be able to (at least) use it with its basic features of “Quiz,” “Suggestions,” “Practice,” and other settings of PhrasePump.

  • Note: I’m referring to the settings menu in LR’s PhrasePump tab.

I don’t know if the translation that LR uses for PhrasePump would be affected by downgrading your subscription to a basic plan (nonPro user). I mainly focused on subtitles over PhrasePump when I did a short stint as a basic user after the free trial period ran out.

Hopefully, someone who knows more can chime in on this for you! Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help on that front.

I did a little sleuthing on Reddit and found this on PhrasePump and found this from 9 months ago:

Sentences are read using the latest neural TTS. Items are scheduled using an advanced library, ‘Ebisu’. You can use it to study about 40 languages, with any translation language. Words you learn are highlighted when you watch Netflix/Youtube (integrated with Language Reactor extension). It’s free to use, but if you pay the cashcash, you can star specific phrases to review again and change the order in which you learn words. Free is fine though. It’s a website, no app yet. […]

So it’s likely not tied to Pro membership, other than the staring/marking phrases being a Pro feature. They could have changed something since then, but thought I would pop this in here.

Something cool about using PhrasePump is that you can get machine translations for a sentence when you save a phrase/sentence (:star:) or mark a word within a video:

Some examples of what I have seen on my PhrasePump (as a Pro User who saved these words/phrases):

Recently, they added little info icons that explain which is the “Human Translation” and which is the “Machine Translation”:

Note: I would think this is only available to Pro users, but I’m not sure. It could be one of those features (like the Text/Reader mode) that LR allows free users to use, but again, I’m not sure about that.

P. S. Labeling the human and machine translation has already been incredibly helpful!