Pro mode

Will all of my saved words be deleted after the free trial expires? Even assuming I intend to upgrade?

(Also I really appreciate not doing auto-recurring fees, but please give an option to see pricing info slightly more clearly since you make it clear that it exists and that we are using it)

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Hello, no they won’t be deleted, but you won’t be able to add new ones and to use other pro features. But if you subscribe to pro in the future, all your previously saved words will still be there.

Happy learning :slight_smile:

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How to buy language reactor pro at chrome web store?

Hey, you can buy it on the extension itself. Go to the Settings page and click on the Upgrade button.

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I just want to say, I love ASR subtitles, it has unlocked tons of new Korean shows I can learn from.

In the past, you can only see certain Korean shows with dual subtitles, now pretty much ALL Korean shows on Netflix can show dual subtitles.

I will be a very happy subscriber to this app, pro mode, just keep ASR subtitles, this is my favorite feature in this app for years and years. This is a freaking game changer.