Question about premium feature / machine translations

I am interested in maybe doing the premium thing specifically for the “machine translations netflix” feature. What exactly does this mean? The website doesn’t really elaborate. Can someone tell me exactly what this feature does and maybe if it’s worth paying for?

The issue I have with netflix transcriptions is that they frequently don’t match the dubs. This is really annoying for me because the characters are saying one with while the subtitle says something else. It’s generally very close to the same meaning, but I would really want a literal translation of what the netflix dub is actually saying. I’m hoping the premium feature is the option to switch from those default subtitles to machine ones that should be closer to what the characters are saying. I understand it wont’t be perfect (sort of like youtube) but it might be better than some of the subtitles I’ve seen before.

Another issue I have … and this is probably not anything language reactor can help with (I just want to vent I guess) is that netflix dubs are often just overlayed on top of the original audio and it’s really hard to listen the target language as a result. It’s like two people talking at once and you have to kind of find a way to zone in on just one of them. Some of them are worse than others… I think they at least try to lower the audio of the original audio and lay the dubbed audio at a higher volume, but sometimes it’s just not nearly enough and I find it really hard to listen. When I get a dub that doesn’t have the original dialogue in the background I get really happy.

Thanks for reading and I’m really excited about this language reactor thing. I’ve been a dedicated LingQ user for a several months now and this really offers a lot of what that platform doesn’t in terms of ease of use. I get so tired of importing things manually from netflix and youtube… I am tempted to just stop using LingQ and go full time Language Reactor… but I do like all of the statistics and some of other little features that make it worth $14 a month for. The only complaint for me is really the importing process. Language Reactor completely fixes that problem and it’s free (with the full version still being extremely affordable)

bump, still hoping this can be answered

Machine translation translates the target language subs to your native language instead of using the natuve language subtitle at the same timestamp.