Machine translation is only in english?

Hey, enjoying using the extension, but i have a question. Does machine translation only work on english? If i watch a chinese video it always seems to just give me english words. As in it thinks the chinese being spoken are english words, is english only supported?

Hi LottaDollah,

Machine translation is the translation of your target language (in this case, Chinese) into your native/system language (in this case, it appears to be English).

If Language Reactor shows you English subtitles (i.e., the machine translations of Chinese characters—in this case), the video you are watching should have Chinese subtitles. (I am new to LR, so maybe I am missing something.)

Looks like both Simplified and Traditional Chinese are supported on Language Reactor, so you should be seeing Chinese Characters with that video.

I suggest checking your settings for the extension under the gear icon.

Settings important to see what you want to see:

  • Audio Language: [Language of the audio track]
  • Language of the subtitles: [Simplified/Traditional] Chinese
  • Show Machine Translations: [Toggled on]

If all your settings are selected, and you still don’t see your target language subtitles, it may be:

  • The video itself doesn’t have any Chinese subtitles

  • Something is wrong with the subtitles the original video has

  • A system bug (with Language Reactor) specific to Chinese

  • I am missing something.

I hope this reply is more helpful!

Edit Note: I deleted my first reply because I felt it was off-topic. I am sorry. I miss understood the original question.

Go into setting and select Chinese (or Mandarin) as the Netflix audio language, Chinese as the Netflix subtitle language and english as the translation language.

Machine translation on, and human translation on.

If you are paying for premium membership ($5 per month?) the machine translation will auto convert the second set of subtitles to English.

If English subtitles are available from Netflix, those will show up as the third set of subs.

But you should be able to select each of these language options from lists, right there on the settings screen.