Bug: Error saving, vocab disappeared

During normal usage clicking on words in the subtitles on YouTube, I frequently get error popups about an error occuring. Sorry, I didn’t write down the exact wording, but last I recall, it mentioned something about an error during saving. I just ignored it, as it still seemed to be working, as I could play the video, and click on words. But then, after a 2-hour session, I exported the words but found that only a few of the words I had clicked on and colored had been saved. Also, before the session, although I had emptied the saved list, all the words from before the clearing were back in the export.

What should I do when I get the error message? Would refreshing the page help?

Also, what if I use the plugin on different machines? Is everything kept in the cloud, or does each machine have its own storage?

Hi, LLN dev here. Unfortunately, if the error shows, that means the items weren’t saved or removed successfully, even though they appear so in the interface. I am sorry for the trouble. What language are you learning? If you see the error again, please try reloading the window. If the reload doesn’t help, please let us know and we will look into it.
We had a rare bug with saving (some words) in Hebrew and a couple more languages that was fixed about a week ago.
There is possibly one more rare issue with login, that we’re looking into at the moment. After that, these errors shouldn’t show again.

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Saved words and phrases are kept in the cloud. Extension settings (translation language, font size etc) are local for each machine.

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What language are you learning?


Hello @jtsoftware , do you still have this saving problem ?