So far I am enjoying the extension. However, I keep receiving an error message. Which, is stated in the title. Also, I attached a screenshot as well. Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this?



I am no longer paying for this extension due to so many errors, seems like it could be a good project. Let me know if you guys ever fix it and I would be interested in paying again.


Hey Petey, I’m sorry for the experience you had.
Could you share with us the errors you are mentioning about ? This way we could fix them for futur users.
Thanks !

Hi Kirian,

I keep getting this error: [SAVE_ITEM_SERVER_ERROR]. The subtitles are in Hebrew, and when I click on a word to change its color/save it, I get an error communicating with the server. Some words would save, others never will. It is very finicky.

Things I have tried:

Disabling all extensions, except LR, still no success, tried different browsers, still the same issue. Tried different computers, still the same issues.


Hi, the issue was that certain types of words (compound) don’t get accepted as a saved item, only for Hebrew and a couple more languages. We didn’t have that many users for these languages so we didn’t notice the issue sooner. It is fixed now, you shouldn’t see these errors again.


Wow, that was quick, thanks, I will check it out!

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So far so good, thanks again, I already signed back up!