No longer working on YouTube

I deleted the extension and reinstalled, but no luck, It no longer works when I go to Is anyone else having this issue, any known fixes?


I also seem to be having the same problem. I tried with several videos and they all failed. I can see the subtitles, but they are not “colored” and I cannot do anything useful with them (look up definition, hear sound, add for study, etc…).

I always get the following error message appearing in a dialog:

Language Reactor has detected an error has occured. The developers have been notified. Try reloading the page, or else try again in 24hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check our Facebook page for updates. Error message: Failed to retreive linguistic data. Lang: th, source: YOUTUBE tt_key:

Hello everyone, sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s fixed. One of the server we rent were having some problems.

Thanks for telling !