[Forum Request] Enable Tags/Optional Tags for Better Forum Organization

Hi LR Team!

Please consider enabling the use of tags/optional tags through discourse. It would help organize the posts on the Forum, as some topics are hard to find information on unless you’re doing a deep dive into the Forum’s posts.

Here’s how it might look when enabled and used in the category page of LR:

And in a given topic section:

And as a user searches:

Edit: When users click on a given tag, they are sent to a page with posts using the same tags in one place.

This way, users can be guided to specific results that rely on keyword matches and tagging in case other users use different wording in their topic titles or body text to describe their posts.

Here are some ideas for tags:

  • Text/Reader Tool: text-reader-tool -OR- text-tool
  • Chatbot Tool: chatbot
  • PhrasePump: phrasepump
  • View My “Saved Items”: saved-items
  • TurtleTub: turtletub
  • Video File: video-file
  • Netflix Catalogue: netflix-catalogue
  • Youtube Catalogue: youtube-catalogue
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on Netflix: asr-netflix
  • Chrome Extension: chrome-extension
  • Other Language Posts/topics: not-english -OR- other-languages
  • *Language Learning (not LR related, but language learning related): language-learning
  • PhraseMulti: phrasemulti
  • Pro Mode: pro-mode
  • Basic Mode: basic-mode -OR- free-plan
  • Machine Translations: machine-translation
  • Feature Request: feature-request
  • Progressive Web Application/Pseudo App/App via PhrasePump Link/Mobile App/posts with a question about an official app: app
  • LR Free Trial: free-trial
  • Translation Errors: translation-error
  • AI/ChatGPT/Machine Learning: ai-machine-learning
  • TTS: tts
  • Forum Request (requests for improvements related to the Forum): forum-request
  • LR Error Messages: error-message
  • LR Extension with YouTube: lr-youtube
  • LR Extension with Netflix: lr-netflix
  • Exporting Saved Items: exporting
  • Metacatalogue: metacatalogue -OR- meta-catalogue
  • Dictionaries: dictionary -OR- dictionaries
  • Feedback: feedback

This might be a better alternative to the Open Forum Request that I had — though I still think that would be a great addition to this Forum still.

This request here is more urgently needed to organize the categories better here and reduce repetitions in questions/aid community users in answering learner questions better, more efficiently, and more quickly.

At minimum, I’d like to recommend using these tags on the LR Forum asap:

P.S. I’d also be happy to help tag posts with these (or other) tags to organize posts better so that other learners can find information more easily in search.