[Answered] How to Contribute to Tatoeba: The Project LR Pulls Sentences From

Hi, LR community,

This topic under How to ? is a bit different.

However, I thought it would be helpful to any users (across languages) that want to contribute to the project/database that LR pulls from for example sentences (in the popup dictionary) and some sentences in PhrasePump:

Picture Example of Example Sentences from Tatoeba:

Picture Example of Tatoeba Sentences in PhrasePump:

In these cases, LR pulls from Tatoeba, and I checked it out to see how I can contribute to this project (and hopefully, others in my Target Language, Korean, will contribute similarly as I’m contributing as a native English speaker).

Here is a link to the Basic Quick Start Guide for Tatoeba, in case anyone is interested in contributing to languages they’re advanced/fluent/native in:


Here is the main page for Tatoeba:


I just read up on the project, created an account, and started contributing to sentences within this project:

Some Data Provided by the Tatoeba Project

Other Notes:

  • Korean (and other languages) has pretty low user contributions
  • English has the highest user contributions
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