[Premium Feature] Editing Definitions of Saved Items to allow for Human Translation (Text/Reader Mode uses Machine Translation) / More Accurate Translations

Continuing the discussion from [Premium Feature] Editing Saved Items to Allow for Combining Stared/Favorited (:star:) Phrases/Sentences:

Hi LR Devs!

I’ve been a user of LingQ and LR for a while now (since Junish), and I can tell that LR is the platform to go to for sentence study/studying words through sentences (a.k.a. PhrasePump) versus word-focused study in LingQ (using there review cards).

I love it!

Learners can interact with the text in a way that works to promote their listening skills for their Target Language.

However, the awkward/inaccurate translations for context-based languages like Korean need the ability to edit saved item definitions.

This has been slowing down my progress in Korean considerably, as even the Tatoeba sentences LR pulls in have problems. (Side note: there are limited contributors to Korean on Tatoeba, so this means the sentences in PhrasePump will be limited as a result.)

Allowing premium users to go into their Saved Items list and edit their definitions would be a game-changer for LR learners.

Possible Implementation Notes:

  • Simple edit pencil icon next to a definition
  • Clicking on a pencil icon switches the definition section of a given word/phrase into an edit mode
  • Edit mode allows you to make adjustments to the originally saved text
  • Clicking a save button on an edit box saves the newly edited definition into LR’s servers
  • Changes would implemented across LR (for a particular user) for sentences (especially PhrasePump and under the saved items section of the full dictionary)

Please consider prioritizing this feature! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you for your hard work!

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