[BugReport] Chrome crashes with SBOX_FATAL_MEMORY_EXCEEDED

Hi everyone,

Today my Chrome started to crash when I try to watch videos on YouTube with the extension enabled.
It allocates up to ~8.5 GB of memory within 1-2 minutes and then the page crashes.
With the Language Reactor extension disabled (from chrome://extensions) everything works fine.
When the extension is enabled (even if it’s set to OFF in the YouTube player), the problem occurs.
Yesterday eventhing everything was fine.
Hope you will fix it.

Chrome version:
Google Chrome 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)
Revision ff5c0da2ec0adeaed5550e6c7e98417dac77d98a-refs/branch-heads/4577@{#1135}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 2009 (Build 19042.1165)
JavaScript V8 9.3.345.16



Identical issue, on 3 different machines as soon as I start watching a video on youtube with the extension enabled (whether on or off) things start to get sluggish and unresponsive with video freezes until it crawls to a stop, task manager shows a constant memory usage increase on that chrome process. The tab eventually crashes with “out of memory” error.
Chrome doesn’t crash completely though, I assume having >=32G of ram on each machine is probably the reason.
Any fix or instructions to help diagnose this would be welcome. ^^

Chrome Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Extension v5.0.0


Same. I have also been experiencing crashing issues. Memory overload. Both on Windows and on Mac while watching on YouTube even if it’s open. I had to disable the extension until a fix is found.

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Same issue. I enabled/disabled all extension until I found this one was the culprit

Works well in Brave Browser until the moment.