Bugs with Herbew language

I’m learning Hebrew and I’m noticing some bugs.
For example, the word טוקיו.
For some reason, he divides this word into three.
Then when I click on קי it shows that it is a word של which has nothing to do with קי.
It happens from time to time with different words.

Another example. word תגידי:

There is no particle ת in Hebrew, but LR recognize it, maybe because of second part of the word גידי which is a real word in Hebrew.

Another example.

It’s hard to work with new words when this happening all the time.

Please take a look!

we use NLP library which converts words to their root form, e.g. if you click on “doing”, it will show “do”.

And as a Hebrew speaker, I can say that the word את and אותו and אותך
are really from the same root. the word changes according to whom and to what its referring.

Of course, this library is not always perfect and sometimes it makes mistakes - we improve some things there from time to time so that it might get better in future.