Can someone please explain the Phrase Pump algorithm to me.

I’ve been unable to find anything anywhere about how the Phrase Pump algorithm actually works.

There are two modes on Phrase Pump.

  1. Quiz - This is a cloze deletion based quiz where you try and guess a missing word.

This has an “okay” and “forgot” button, however it’s unclear what exactly happens to the cards after you select each option.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I select “okay” for a card I still keep seeing that word/card/phrase very regularly. What is actually happening to the scheduling of that card? Is there some documentation I can read?

Also note that the quiz option does not blur the English translation which sometimes make this section too easy, can this be added (even as an option where we can tick a box whether or not we want to enable it)?

  1. Practice - In this there is no “okay” or “forgot” button at all so it’s not clear what happens to a card after a view it. Is everything counted “okay”? Does it depend on whether or not I look at the translation or not? How many times I listen to the audio?

Can anyone tell me what is happening with the algorithm?

Is there any way I can set any preferences in Phrase Pump to change the regularity of cards like I can with anki.