Im struggling with PhrasePump. help, please!🙏🏻

Hi there!
I’ve just suscribed to the paid plan and I’m trying to use Phrasepump to practice new words from a book I’ve marked for learning.
I have several problems with it:

  1. I just wanna practice with these words marked to learn, and not any other ones. I receive new “extra” sentences and no more about my wished words
  2. Once the new words ( in the pictogram map of the right) goes from “marked to learn” → to → " Learning now", they don’t appear anymore, even if I try to make the practice 3 times. I only receive other extra words.

please, am I doing something wrong or the app works like this? For me it doesn’t make sense that I only can practice my new words one time… Tomorrow I ''l try it again to see if I can practice them again, so it would mean that it only works once a day¿??

thank you so much!

Hey AnaisLanka, and welcome to Language Reactor!

From my experience, PhrasePump is not a very good choice to use for an SRS (Spaced Repetition System), especially if you’re new to the language you’re studying. Quiz mode focuses on the vocabulary you marked as “learn” when using Language Reactor’s extension. However, you’re limited to Cloze-style flashcards, which can be very difficult, especially when there are zero hints set for the card. You can focus on your vocabulary by sliding Suggestions and Practice to Off, as these two modes try to decide for you what vocabulary you should learn next.

I can go on and on about the limitations and issues with PhrasePump. Bottom line, I’d recommend Anki instead. You can export your word list to Anki from LR, but again, LR has made this a bit of a battle.

I would visit this article on how to export to Anki: Anki Export Guide

Thank you @CPUB0T for replying so fast. In this case I feel scammed since I paid my subscription just for saving and labeling words for using them with PhrasePump

Is there an customer service e-mail where I can contact them and ask for a refund?

Thank you again🙏

You can contact them at languagelearningextension [at] gmail [dot] com.

PhrasePump has great potential, but as it is right now, I cannot recommend it at all.

Please look into Anki. It’s a desktop application and a mobile app for both iPhone and Android, and best of all, completely free!

It is a bit technical, but there are many videos and Discord groups you can find to help.

LR is a great tool - if you’re willing to work around the many drawbacks.

I’ve been studying Japanese for several years, and I’m at an intermediate level. I generally save all my words in LR and then export them to Anki for reviewing. If you’re interested, I can put together a guide, as this issue seems to plague many other users of LR.

Also, depending on which language you’re studying, I would also recommend looking into Migaku. It’s similar to LR but is under heavy development and is a little easier to use, especially for making flashcards. Migaku is a paid service, with a similar price to LR; you can check it out here: Migaku.

Another tool I use is LingQ. This is a reading/listening-centric toolset and is very easy to use. Also, it is a paid service; there is a free version but is not useful for actual learning. I’ve been using each of these tools for several years now.

Also, it is probably important to note, I do not work for any of the products I’ve suggested. I’m just an avid language learner like yourself and have been doing this a loooong while lol.

Haha thank you again for your advices. I know Anki and i have used for so long but i end up loosing my motivation with flashcards. Phrsepump seemed to be more diverse related to the kind of practice you can do. It s a good idea exporting them to Anki until LR improves this hehe
Thx again and i wish u the best​:pray::smiling_face:

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Hopefully Phrase Pump is updated soon.
All it needs is

  • the okay/forgot buttons added to practice mode (they currently only exist on quiz mode)
  • some more transparency about how the algorithm actually works (and maybe the ability to customise it)
    -the ability to sort words into different decks (either user made or automatically based on what show they are from)

and they will have made what would amount to the ultimate language learning tool.

I agree it’s incredibly frustrating that it’s such a beautifully designed program and so much work has gone into and it yet it could be so much more effective with just a few small tweaks.


I having the same problem with anki, i finished 1 deck and i can’t continue with that.
But I recommend to you will use the “chatbot”, select the new feature that are called “story of vocabulary” or something like that. The bot will create one story with the words that you have to pracctice.
Pd if you can afford to pay, please don’t leave it, you are fund a really helpfull app. Now i can’t afford because nowadays i have not a job.
Sorry for my mistakes, greetings from Argentina

Gracias, Santiago :slight_smile:
I ll try this feature !

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I’m in the same boat as you guys. I really kinda hate Anki lol

I don’t use it the “conventional” way anymore though.

I rather spend time in the language. Either reading or watching content. The usefulness of SRS is great, but if you’re taking in a lot of content, then your immersion is pretty much your SRS and Anki can be put to the side in favor of immersion.

I still use Anki however, just differently. I use an addon that will retire my cards once they hit a interval of 10 days. I pull cards from my immersion that are interesting or high frequency words and rep them briefly, while that content is still fresh, but I don’t want to see these cards over and over - if it doesn’t stick in 10 days I may continue to rep it or delete it. I’ll just add another card from new context if I notice it again in the wild.

This way, if I need a break from Anki, I can just stop adding cards and after 10 days, I’ll only have 3 - 5 reviews a day, then I’ll start adding cards again, or not…

I mainly do this because the language I’m learning is Japanese and it helps the Kanji stick. Retiring after 10 days allows me to keep seeing “new” content, directly from things I’ve read or watched - and I choose my review count my how many words I add :slight_smile:

I am trying to move to using AI, but my output isn’t very good and I get frustrated or board - I need to get better in speaking so I think AI will be very useful in the future.

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