Make PumpPhrase actually useful?

First off, thank you for the work you are doin, I know you have a lot to do and there aren’t a lot of people in the team. One feature that I appreciate a lot is PumpPhrase, however after a few days, this feature appear to be useless as always the same words appear…

I have been using PumpPhase for quite a while now. I have 2k+ cards to review. I’m reviewing 80/day and allow 20% of cards to be newer at max (the max being 25%).

The problem is that I’m only able to review ~200 words from my cards (so 10%). It would be nice if you could implement a proper Space Repetition System that does not send the same cards every weeks/days. Now I’m basically reviewing the same cards over and over, so to put it plainly, it is useless.

SRS is not too difficult to implement. For example the SM-2 (GitHub - cnnrhill/sm-2: Explanation of the SM-2 spaced repetition algorithm & ES6 implementation) would actually ask the same word in 30d or so after a few times you spot it correctly… making room for other words to come in.

So here are my requests:

  • Have a proper SRS to avoid the same word to constantly appear.
  • Let the user understand what S/D/… does to the SRS system. It is not transparent at all. If I click S to repeat the sound, will it change the next date at which this same word will be asked again? When? Is it a hard-coded value like “in 1 day” all the time? same question when I click to make the translation appears.
  • Decrease the number of spoken example phrases quickly. Each time I have 3 phrases per word. Once I know the word well enough, I found it useless, instead of having 3 phrases per word, randomly sample 1 phrase for each space repetition, if I don’t remember the word in the next space repetition, increase the number of examples phrase to 2 (with a maximum of 3) for example would be better.

I hope this is useful. I guess the goal is to learn a language and reviews from the users that use the tool should be valuable for you.