Chatbot voices

As a learner of multiple languages, I am very interested in the numerous features of LanguageReactor. One of the primary features that I value is the extremely high quality of the usage examples, whether from tatoeba or, I presume, a high quality tts generator. I cannot understand why the voices in the virtual conversation module are so terrible. The Spanish, French, German and Italian are the worst voices I have heard in years. I think a very high priority would be to provide chatbot voices which match the high quality of the rest of the app. My experience is with my iPad Pro; I have not tried the chatbot on my desktop.

I haven’t used the “virtual conversation module,” but in my experience, in PhrasePump, the voices in Spanish, French, Russian and Swedish are very very good. I am intermediate in Spanish and French, and for example on Youtube I use “News in Slow French,” “News in Slow Spanish,” and short (4 minute) news segments (normal speed) in the Spanish service of Deutsche Welle, and the quality and accent of LanguageReactor PhrasePump is just as high-quality as those.

What is the “virtual conversation module” you speak of?

I agree that LanguageReactor uses extremely high quality voices, including actual human recordings from Tatoeba. Sadly, the only exception is the new AI chatbot, which has voices so terrible that it renders the module unusable. Since this is a new addition, I assume this will be rectified at some time. I can hardly wait!

I’ll have to look for the AI Chatbot. … I also haven’t tried the Youtube-related features, and i should. … The LR isn’t perfect. I kind of dabble in Latin, and there is no Latin audio, and English translations of phrases (from Latin) are often missing.