(Diglot) Dual language Feature Expension

I know you are concentrated on other areas of the app right now, but I would like to voice a request for further development on features for morphing your target language with your base language. There are a couple of other language learning solutions that do something more along these lines but as usual, they lack the full feature set of LR and are not as useful. These are kind of pie in the sky requests, but are actually the steps I manually go through in my head when I’m using LR and know how useful they could be:

  1. A toggle switch that will freeze the translated words that you don’t know (or are at your difficulty level) over the target language word so you can easily read it after you rewind and review again.
  2. The ability to pick the translation word or phrase from the dictionary (or write your own) for that word and persist it to all of your future viewings of that video.
  3. A toggle switch that will replace the audio of the spoken word with the word above it as that section of the video plays.