[DUPLICATE] Youtube bug

Hi there, The plugin does not work on my YouTube account, but if I change to another account in Chrome, then everything works. What is the problem with working in the first account?
I tried to disable all other plugins, and installed on your new one - it still does not work on just one account

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its just LR didn’t show up with youtube. and if i click the any buttom of plugin- it made refresh the page

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hey developer!!!

Hello @Naniq , Thank you for your message.

Can you retry with your first account please? Could you send us by private message your mail adress too ? And what is exactly the error you get when you try to login ? Can you share a screenshot please ?

Thanks !

check pls pm!!!

I have the same issue


Thank you for your report. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we are already doing our best to fix this problem.

Please see the original post for this bug : [DUPLICATE] The captions don't show up under YouTube

We are locking this thread as it’s a duplicate.

Have a good day !