Easily find word definitions while reading imported text.

I love your product, and I use it a lot.
I am suggesting a way to improve the experience of learning vocabulary from imported text and web pages. I often use this feature to read web novels imported from Syosetu.
I suggest that all words marked “to learn” in the imported text be located in the Dictionary / Record modal that pops over from the right. It would be even better if they were in order of appearance in the text and had a simple (one or two-word) definition next to them.
That way, I can simply glance over to see what a word means rather than physically moving my mouse pointer over a word every time I want to know its definition. This would speed my reading up considerably by removing unnecessary mouse movements.
For reference, I’m taking inspiration for this request from those language-learning books with simple stories on one side of the page and a list of the words they want you to learn on the other. I hope that helps illustrate what I’m requesting. :sweat_smile:
I appreciate your consideration!