Suggested feature

First of all I LOVE Language reactor, thank you so much!
I have a couple of suggestions to the developers.

I’m studying Japanese and the program won’t recognize some advanced words.
For example 白煙 “hakuen” white smoke , the program recognizes 白 shiro and 煙 kemuri or kemuru.
For me it’s not a problem if the word is not in the dictionary but it would be great if we could somehow force the program to save 白煙 and ideally ad a comment. I would add the translation myself.
In general, I’d like to be able to add a comment to saved sentences and terms.

I’m also studying Korean in parallel and it would be great if I could have a third set of subtitles on screen at all times. Or maybe just have the translation language and the script on the right be chosen independently? Or even just having the dictionary language and the translation language separated. I could have Korean as translation language but if I click on a Japanese word I would get the English definition and also the entire subtitle in English. I noticed that if I save a Japanese word while the translation is set on Korean, when I meet that word again and check the sentence that I saved, it’s translated in Korean even if the translation is currently set on English. I hope I could explain mysellf clearly :slight_smile:

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