Option to Save a Set of Words (Multi Words Expression) in Saved Items

Hi! So I’m using Language Reactor to learn Japanese and I noticed that very often, Language Reactor parses the words too minutely, like certain words are compound words, and they have a meaning as a whole, but since Language Reactor parses the words minutely, they’re separated, but I want to save the entire compound word as a whole. Now I get that it may be a software limitation that it really can’t detect whether it’s a compound word or not (like an idiom, etc.), so maybe there could be an option instead to save a set of words or a phrase from a video, just to indicate to me that I need to learn that word. So for example, for the word “teiji agari”, the software parses the words into two (“teiji” and “agari”), but I was hoping if I could have them in saved items as one item.



Absolutely agree. I’d like that feature too.

Same problem with English (and every language I suppose).

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Hey, thanks for your request. It’s indeed something that we want to do, but it’s far from trivial. We will work on it, but we don’t know yet when (we need to finish more important updates first :slight_smile: ).

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Or maybe in the meantime, a Notes option, maybe? Like an option to leave a small note beside a saved item. Just a suggestion lol, I don’t know how easy or hard adding that would be. Thanks though for all your work! Language Reactor is really an awesome tool.

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The note option is still not trivial, but we prefer the first request you made. The “save set of words” is really something we want to see in our tools, for the same reasons as you enumerated. So we will work on this with high priority (can still take some months ! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for your support :smiley:


About 85% of Vietnamese words are compound words

Makes LanguageReactor fairly unhelpful for learning Vietnamese unfortunately