Saving Phrases or Word Clusters (not full sentence)

I’d love to be able to select more than one word in my target language and save it to my vocab list. I’m trying to learn Thai and some words in English are comprised of two (or three) words in thai, so selecting and studying one word doesn’t help.

Example: “Calculator” in Thai is three words smashed together that literally translate to “Machine Think Numbers”. If I save those words individually that’s no help (as I know the words individually but may not know them together). Any solutions?

I LOVE this plugin. Thank you guys.

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I agree with Daniel, I’m studying Japanese and for example when you try
to save 見て which means ‘‘Look’’ as imperative, you can only save the kanji 見
so you can’t save the conjugation of that verb as a word.
I was using this apk from the start and at the beginning you were able to select with your mouse the
text and copy it, a feature that was very useful and I really miss.

Anyway, maybe if we are able to select what we want and save it could be a solution, but when you select a line (At least in Japanese) would be useful if we can hide the transliterations because sometimes you want to copy and paste the whole subtitle in other places.
Right now you can hide them in the main line but not in the lateral panel.

I hope someone can help us, I really like this apk too.

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Want to bump this question too as this is essential for my immersion workflow. And I think the easiest way to solve this is to allow for normal text selection.

It’s easy to adjust with “user-select: none;” what text should be user-selectable or not, and thus exclude transliterations or pop-up definitions from the selection.

To clarify, my workflow is to create Anki cards with a browser add-on called Yomichan, which requires the text to be selectable to function. That add-on is very complete and customizable, and allows for great Anki card creation. Duplicating the functionality in LLWN doesn’t make sense for my workflow, which I reckon is shared by (or at least very similar to) most serious Japanese learners.

There could be a simple setting that switches between “plain text” subtitles, and hover-able subs, or the switch could be automatic when all pop-up dictionary-related settings are turned off.

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