Saving one word multiple times

Up to this point, right-clicking a word would save a phrase even if the word itself was already in the saved list. I think with the latest release, this is no longer possible, and any given word can only appear in the saved list once.

Is this correct, or is there a way to add the same word to the “saved words” list multiple times?

I thought this feature was useful, especially that “saved words” considers two words the same if they have the same root, so it’s not possible to save different conjugations of the saved word as separate items.

Thanks for any help!

What gets saved is the same as before, there’s some info (with typos, oops) in the export help page:

A word (lemma) is meant to be marked/saved once (for all forms)… it can be saved with a context (phrase) which is used for Anki export or quizzes in PhrasePump. When a subtitle is saved with a word, we call it the word ‘context’. A subtitle that is saved with the star button is just a saved subtitle, with no particular word associated with it, we call a ‘saved phrase’.

If you want to change the context associated with the word/lemma, you can unmark it (trash icon in the dictionary), then mark the word again the context you want it saved with (a dictionary example, subtitle etc.). Note that the NLP processing we do on our servers isn’t 100% accurate, the best libraries achieve about 95%-99% depending on language, so the corrrect lemma isn’t always identified. We’re still working on improving this using some low-tech overlay over these libraries.

You can also star a phrase with the word, it will be shown as a seperate item for review in Anki / Phrasepump. Phrasepump gives you different sentences with the word/lemma you saved, so you get more exposure to it’s usuage.

I was considering adding the possibility for a word/lemma to have multiple contexts/lemmas associated with it (although saved phrases are already indexed by the word/lemmas they contain).


Anyway, what’s the functionality you’d like? A way to see examples with all forms of a verb perhaps? :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be nice to export phrases as cloze cards in Anki, marking the words already saved as removed. This way, when you encounter the same word in a different context, you can simply mark the phrase in Netflix for example, and then create a new close card for the same word by exporting the phrase.
Adding multiple contexts to one word would also be a way to do the same.
Deleting then saving again the word in a different context doesn’t seem very efficient to me, since you loose the first context…
Thank you !

Thanks for clarifications!

Kind of! Suppose I’m trying to learn verb conjugation. Thus, every time I see a word I know, but conjugated in a way I don’t know, I’d like to add that to my word list. As far as I can tell, that’s kind of what used to be possible - for example, I would mark the word as “green” when I first see it, and then next time I see it (conjugated differently) I would right-click, marking it as “red”, but both words would get saved to the word bank.