More Saving Words Functions: Multiple Words and By Episode

it would be better to add more functions on LR.

  1. saving more than two words together.
  2. exporting saved words episode by episode
  3. saving word file (excel, anki etc.) with each episode’s title. like tv series/movies’ name _ season 1 _ ep1

i’m not sure if they are already exists tho

Hello oyg27811,

  1. Saving more than two words together :
    For now, the best way to save two words together is the save the entire phrase. Even. if it will be perfect to do it, the issue that can occurs is how the translation works : it’s word by word when you click on it. It’s the dictionary way. And when two words working different when they are together, it’s more like an expression that just a word. So in order to save the phrase, you can do it like that :

Pressing the little star next to the subtitle

  1. exporting saved words episode by episode:
    You’re right, it will be nice to be able to exporting words episode by episode but it’s not possible yet. (Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong please)

  2. saving word file (excel, anki etc.) with each episode’s title. like tv series/movies’ name _ season 1 _ ep1 :
    Actually, it’s not possible to do it directly from the Language Reactor website BUT it’s very easy to do it after it :

       3.1. For Excel : When Open your file : 

      Go to the column "Video title" : 

    Click on the column letter *for me it's the "O" Column* : 

        Go to the "Filter" tool : 

         Then after that, you can click on the "Video title" case : 

And from here, you can select the series/ movies’ episodes that you want to study :

3.2. For Anki : First i recommend you to check here in order to help you to import it into Anki : Language Reactor

           Then when import is finish you can search : 

       Click on "Browse"

      Click on "Search Field" in order to organize it by alphabet : 

Select Series and episode that you want to create an Deck with it, click right and it and select “Change Deck” :

  Select the Deck that you want to put into then click to "Move Card" : 

And after that, you will be able to find the card in your new Deck :

It might looks long to do it, but if you’re doing it regularly, it doesn’t take much time. Excel it’s the easiest but with Anki you’re learning more efficiently. All have pros and cons…

Sorry for the French language in excel btw

If anyone has an other way to do it, I’m open to listen it :wink:


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thanks for the reply. but i just wanted to know if it is possible directly on LR. anyway your suggestions are very helpful for me.

and one more question. i think it would be better if there is an LR for ipad or something like phrasepump for mobile or ipad app. i know anki is the case but i mean, your own app which is synchronized with LR. so, once i save words on LR, those words can be saved through that app automatically which makes it easier to review saved words more often and conveniently with mobile or ipad.

i mean the process of saving words, export to anki, saving files, and adding to anki is kind of too uncomfortable. i have to even edit the color of font. if you make your own app for this, it shortens this process very much.

Hi @oyg27811,

If you navigate to the URL:

You can work with PhrasePump (and other features) on a mobile friendly/app-like experience. It works on tablets and smartphones.

Here is a reply with more information on this:


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thanks for your suggestions !
that information is very helpful for me.
have a nice day!

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