iPhone use?

I would love to be updated when I could use this on my iPhone. I don’t use my laptop. Thank you.

Hi @Tricia_Sutton,

Just a friendly user popping in with a recommendation in the meantime. :slight_smile:

According to a 2022 update, if you navigate to the PhrasePump page via this link on your mobile device. You should be able to use it on your iPhone (and Android—for Android users who find this in the future) until they can push out an official App Store/Play Store release (whenever that may be—since they are a smaller team).

I have it on my Android phone (I found it by accident since it can be tricky to find things on the LR Forum), and it seems to work fine (at least for my needs—I have just been using it with PhrasePump).

You can also access your saved items, the chatbot, the forum, and your settings, in addition to Phrasepump, through this app-like version.

I hope this can help in the meantime!

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TeĹźekkĂĽrler! Merci! Thank you!

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