Update! Learning Stages, Flashcards, All Words Panel, PhrasePump, API..

Thanks for your quick response. I’m going to think about what you have suggested.

My initial reaction:

“The current system should give you complete control over what you see in Phrasepump.”

My concern is not how the sentences look in PhrasePump, but in Netflix or YouTube when I am watching a show at real speed. The extra seconds that are needed to try and discern the underlined tags are the difference between understanding and eye strain. The colored character is so much better. Just one color I could control would better.


Honestly, I do not want to see any alternating underlines or additional spaces. Real Chinese books and shows don’t have this kind of spacing. I know the segmentation is not perfect, but I’m not complaining. Please do not add additional spaces between the words or alternating underlines UNLESS these features are OPTIONAL and could be turned ON/OFF by the users.

Known words:
It seems you are suggesting I move a lot of words to known. I will play around in the settings, but everything I have tagged YBRG is now orange. Before I only needed to mark the color. Now I need to adjust two settings for most words.

Color: green, white, and orange
For me, the orange is still a bit much. When the words are orange, I can’t see the tags.

Maybe you could allow users to choose which color is learned, known, and ignored or allow users to change the intensity of the colors.

I would make KNOWN words grey, LEARNING white, and IGNORED orange. I’m assuming that most of the words I am going to see in the average tv show are known. That said, I would have to manually mark the words I really want to ignore as known. Then I could reserve the orange for special items I really want to stand out. For example:
了,在, and grammar constructions. These words wouldn’t be in PhrasePump, but I would be able to clearly see them and change them at will. I hope this makes sense.

Customization and simplicity are key.
Thanks for your time.

Oggo thinks he’s squashed this one:

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I can’t seem to log in post most recent update. It just times out.

Thanks for your efforts, it’s a great thing.

Since the first moment I made (known words) white 👌, it is better to get less colors.

But still the grey colour is difficult to see especially with grey background, if you try to make it darker it would be a generous gesture from you.

My hat is off to you

How is this for you? :face_with_monocle:


I made some posts yesterday on Reddit about PhrasePump, spammed it all over. /r/German liked it (https://www.reddit.com/r/German/comments/yh4svg/we_made_a_thing_it_teaches_you_words_through/).

Anyway, I wrote in the post, ‘this doesn’t work on mobile, so don’t try!’. People still commented, ‘not working on my phone!’. Then Og decided that he could make PhrasePump useable on mobile, and it turned out to be not too hard. We’re still fixing some things up, but, you can review you cards on your phone if you go directly to the PhrasePump URL (Language Reactor). It works pretty well actually.

A lot of people had the third-party-cookies login issue, I think it happens more in Germany, will check this out next.

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You’re not on dev.languagereactor.com, right? I was using that for debugging login. Main site, languagereactor.com, should be working normally, I hope.

When you navigate to ‘saved items’, If I compare the counts for “Known”, “Learning”, and “Don’t learn” words, they are different under the ‘saved words’ and ‘All words’ tab. Why are they different?

Also please can you implement some way of synchronising these wordlist under each tab? Under my ‘saved words’ I know exactly which words I know vs the ones I don’t, but the ‘all words’ tab seems to guess which words I know (depending on the vocab level I set) which seems completely unnecessary given that I have an entire list of my known words In your system.

Furthermore, in videos on Netflix/YT, the word colouring is all dependent on the words from the ‘All words’ list which is the wordlist of the 2 that is not accurate.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too harsh, I really like LR.

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Thank you for the new changes in PhrasePump review system, but couldn’t you add speech speed control?

Is this coming back?
Because I got really used to see the words in green, for people with a more advanced level of their TL it’s more useful and motivating to have it like that. It makes no sense to completely remove that feature.


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First off, thanks for developing LR I find the extension very useful!
I recently got back to using it but was a bit thrown off by the update. Similar to @sassysocks I primarily use the extension with Netflix and have developed my own meanings for each color that I assign a word from subtitles. This has been very helpful for me when practicing Chinese.
I’ve messed around with the settings and read posts here but I still can’t seem to get the same color coding capabilities as prior to the update. I can color code the underlines of a word but unfortunately I can’t as easily notice the color of the underline as I could when the full word was the chosen color.

I see that you’re already working to allow customization of colors so thanks! Just thought I’d write this as another data point of someone who’ll appreciate it (:

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is there a function where we can export the sentences and words from the PhrasePump function?
The language reactor is not working that well for me because the sentences of the subtitles often cuts off at a weird place resulting it to be a incomplete sentence. It is very hard for me to read, and save the incomplete sentence for learning…

I really want to like this app, and become a paying subscriber every 6 months before cancelling. Anyway, the current version seems to be a lot more complicated and less intuitive than it has ever been, and I wonder if the developers really understand what they’re doing.

@David_Wilkinson said “I think it’s better if known words are in white rather than green” - Why do you think this? And who did you consult with?

My overall impression of the app is that the developers are more concerned with acting like developers and doing ‘busy work’ rather than improving the product. I don’t know what the equivalent is of “intellectual masturbation”, but it seems that’s what the devs are involved in. I hope they get back to basics and work on making the core software better.

I’m not sure if this is exactly from the old adding new features just to have the devs work on something when everything is perfectly fine playbook. It could be, but that’s not what concerns me. I’ve worked with devs that are (as you alluded to) so self-absorbed into what shiny new thing they could add that they disregard what might seem glaringly obvious to even the most basic user. It’s real hard to get through to them once they get started on their development when it would be better to just keep things simple and demolish about 70% of the code they wrote.

In other words, what’s really concerning is that this is turning into the thing where the developer thinks they know what the user wants, but they really don’t. Color highlighting, which screams “don’t fix what’s not broken,” has turned into something more complicated (never a good thing to make things more complicated for users) and add an underlining feature with its own color (never a good thing to make things that are hard to see). I don’t know how you do any sort of A/B user testing and come to the conclusion that this was a user-friendly change. The frustrating part is that the user has no customization options. No, we can’t use choose to use the legacy version, we’re forced to use the new version. Or, forced to just cancel our subscription, if you want to talk about the options the user has.

I take the time to write this not to just put people on blast. I say this because I doubt I’m the only person who will just say to myself that this isn’t worth the cost to use when it doesn’t fulfill very basic needs that the old version did and end up canceling their subscription.

One of the biggest problems for me is that I don’t understand what most of the options are supposed to do, and it’s a matter of turning them on and off to see what difference they have made. The naming conventions for various settings seem to be a bit awkward, and perhaps there should be a ? we could click for more info are a graphical representation.

I’m OK with underlining known words, but I’m also having to go to the full word list and mark all the green tagged words as known.

I used the app for watching Netflix, and I don’t want it to be a flashcard app, or some sort of language trainer. Let me mark words as known as I come across them, and let me save useful sentences that I can then export to a text file.

It feels like devs need to add more features to attract more subs, but I’m more likely to become a regular subscriber if all the extra stuff is hidden.

For a new user, it takes a long time to add all known words, and it takes 3-4 mouse clicks to add one word at a time. I wish there was either a keyboard shortcut for this, or a faster way to mark these as known.

Also, show me all words from an episode in a list, sorted by frequency and make it easy to mark multiple words as known. Then tell me what % are unknown, then tell me this for any other episode before I start watching.

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Just saw this and agree with everything you’ve said :+1:

We fixed up Phrasepump on the mobile site, it’s working well.
Fixed the Google 3rd party login issue finally.
Working on some UI improvements and bug fixes.

@Ilya_Ilich vocab level is setable to within 100 words, the other stuff we’re addressing in turn.

@beezwings @Marcello_M @Ilya_Ilich @woozie Planning to add colour pickers shortly.

@sassysocks Sorry, still chewing on this.

@MUSTLEARNLANGUAGE Since you wrote the message, we’ve redone a few UI details on the ‘Saved Items’ page. ‘All Words’ and ‘Saved Words’ are views on the same data, they should (already were…) synced. The counts in ‘All Words’ include the bulk-marked ‘known’ words and ‘suggestions’, in the ‘Saved Words’ tab, the counts are for words that you have marked manually (dashed). I’m going to modify the labels and/or add a tooltip. I think you may have missed what the dashes mean… that’s on us… working on making things more understandable, there may still be a further tweak to how information is shown.

@karim_karim PhrasePump speed control… yeah… I guess so.

@woozie underlines showing a bit heavier now, working on the other issues you mentioned.

@Ash You can star phrases and export them, that should work. I just checked, words that don’t otherwise have a ‘context’ are meant to be exported with a tatoeba example, that’s an oversight, I’ll have that fixed soon (in the next ~3 days).

@Stuart_M @Ryan1 Re colours: I climbed mount Olympus and consulted with Iris. fyi, ‘the developers’ are me and Ognjen, he’s also on this thread. Update has some rough edges, UI deficiencies mostly, which we are aware of, and working through. Might I suggest you two start a seperate thread to continue your enthralling narrative on “intellectual masturbation” and developer stereotypes, so the precious insights are not lost in this mundane discussion of bugs, concrete issues, and actionable suggestions? Guys, quite disheartening.

@Stuart_M Alright, fair enough, this post got something concrete. There are solid reasons for the changes, even if they aren’t explained fully yet. Promised to make some video, and I will.

Buenas noches;
Genial la aplicación de escritorio. Estaria muy bien que nosotros mismos pudieramos elegir en las flashcard cuales ya sabemos y cuales no una especie de voto.
Otra cosa que seria ideal es poder escuchar primero la definicion no solo la pregunta que pudieramos elegir que escuchar si el primer idioma o el segundo.



Thanks for amazing phrase pump. However, this happens all the time. I checked with my wifi, i dont think its wifi problem.

Can you have a look?

I have the same error and have been unable to add new words to Saved Items since 11/15.