I really want colored words back

Edit: I know this is long, so if you don’t feel like reading everything here is my request: Add an option to make words that are marked as known in the color green. This is vital to my enjoyment of this extension.

Why are “known” words in white? That is the default color of the subtitles. When you go from having an unmarked word to a “known” word it goes from white to white. That isn’t satisfying at all!! I really want colored words back.

How come when I apply a tag I MUST choose between known, want to learn, don’t learn… what if I just want to keep it unmarked? The closest thing to keeping it unmarked is to say I “know” the word, because knowing the word and keeping it unmarked is the same color, but I really don’t want to lie and say that I know the word. I really really enjoyed tagging words, yellow if I recognized the word but didn’t remember the meaning, green if I knew the word, blue if it’s a grammar word, red if it was the first time I saw the word but wanted to remember it, and it was very pleasant to build up my collection. Now, everything it’s ruined because a new system was prescribed without my permission.

I just want my colors back. At the VERY least, please please please please have an option to make words that are marked as “known” green. The more sentences that show up in green the more I feel like I have progressed in learning, if everything is white to white I don’t get to see my progress. It’s also just confusing. Looking at other posts it seems you used to be able to make your known words green, so maybe something just broke accidentally. Anyway, this is important enough to me that if there was an alternative extension that did the same thing as this but let me mark my known words as green, I would switch to using that extension, even if it had way less features otherwise.


I feel the same way… I’m very disappointed with the changes… having recently spent a lot of time inputting my vocabulary list with the colours that were meaningful to me, I’ve been really frustrated with these changes. I would like the choice or a mode for my colours and highlighting, that way those that like the new way can keep it but please bring back the old. I’ve been paying for this for a year now and I’m considering bailing since I don’t find this new change helpful, quite the opposite. Learning a new language is hard enough, changing something people are used to and comfortable with during a ‘learning’ phase is a terrible idea imo.


I agree completely. Please bring back colored words.


Just dropping a +1, the colored words was a super useful feature and it’d be awesome to get it back.

Also dropping my +1, I just can’t get use to this new color system. Before that it was so much more clear for me that White meant new word, Green > Known (Can remember and use), Yellow > Understand (Might forget when needed), Red > Seen (Not learned yet) and Blue > Freebie (Loan word). But now as Core_Blaster said, it’s just going from white to white which makes me really sad. I wish we could at least have the option between the 2 color system to revert back if we prefered the old one.