Importing Webpage Question

I don’t know how to do have the text talk read in the target learning language when I import a webpage into the reader. For example, I will import a news article in English (my native language) and it will show the French (my target language) alongside it. But when I press play to hear the speaking, it is in English, not French. I feel like it is an easy setting fix, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here : Language Reactor.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Wendy_Dutwin,

The reader function (after importing a webpage into the text reader then hitting “Start Reading”) only reads in the language you import, not in the language you translate to.

In other words, if you want it to speak the text, you have to paste French content into the text mode:

Text Mode with Example:

P. S. Additionally, you can only copy the target language text (using the 3 dots—next to the :star: symbol—in the reader mode) if it was used/imported/put into the text box field in text mode:

LR Reader Mode with Example:


Hi Joanne, I’m so grateful for your response, thank you very much. Makes perfect sense, I’ll adjust accordingly. Have a great day!

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