I need to find the page to pay for a subscription to LR

Can someone please give me a link to the “paid subscription” page? Can’t seem to find it from within the web app.


Hi @Orrin_Winton,

You should see it within your settings page as long as you’re not on the 14 day free pro trial every new user gets when they first sign up for LR.

If you are, it should appear in the same page after the 14 days are up.

Though I do see it appears in the photo I found (see second link), so maybe it’s there regardless. (I can’t remember how it looked when I first started with LR).

P. S. Looks like you can also manage your subscription via the settings icon (:gear:) in the toolbar of the videos you watch with the LR extension, too.

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Joan, OK, that must be why i’m not seeing it. I’m still in the trial period. … This tool/webapp is amazing.


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I agree! I’ve been loving it since I found it a few months ago (June-ish)! :smiley: