pro subscriber

Hello . I accidentally became a pro subscriber. I want to cancel this. How can I cancel? thanks

When you first log in, you are getting a 7-day pro-membership trial.
When the trial ends, it returns to Free mode automatically.

We don’t have your payment details at this point. You won’t be charged unless you actively upgrade your account.

Hi @ Potential LR Learners,

I just wanted to update you that my trial was 14 days—if I remember correctly—definitely longer than 7 days, so if you come across this in the future, they extended it to 14ish days, which ROCKS!

Thank you, LR Team!!!
— (c. Junish 2023)

P.S. Any recent LR Learner who definitely remembers/has a screenshot of the current length of the automatic pro trial length; please post an update in reply to my comment! It would probably help prospective LR learners :hugs:

Edit Note: Found photo proof of it on the Forum. Credit to the original user who took the screenshot. I removed their details for their privacy.