Can we somehow use custom colors?

Is there a way to change this? If i turn on the unknown don’t learn word color then my unknown words become white which is also annoying, I have the special word option turned on but it does absolutely nothing I have no way to mark words like this, this is quite annoying because my language is full of English loan words and names that I don’t need to learn but the color choice is super annoying so I just end up putting all these useless words in the known words category just to not have to deal with the color.

Hi @Phil,

From what I knew/gathered from other posts on the forum (relatively new user here), marking words “Don’t Learn” is supposed to change them to purplish grey. However, when I marked them don’t learn, they would stay white for me—I didn’t have the “Don’t Learn” color category toggled on.

Because of your post, I checked this out after turning on that color function. As of the date of my posted comment here, the “Don’t Learn” words are purple.

So as long as you have that color function toggled on, you should be good to go back to marking your “Don’t Learn” words. They’re just also lumped in with the words the system recommends not to learn because they’re lower frequency words (so far as I can tell).

So more than just your English loan words (manually marked by you as " Don’t Learn") would show up as purple if you toggle it on.

Cool Side Note about the "Don't Learn" Marking when You have this Coloring Toggled off

Cool Side Note: If you have your Don’t Learn Toggled off, I learned that if you continue to mark “Don’t Learn” words—but have the Don’t Learn word highlighting toggled off— you can still see a grey-color-highlight type box with a purple outline around it if you click or hover over you hover over/click a word you have previously marked as “Don’t Learn.”
[End of Cool Side Note]

I am learning that marking the “Don’t Learn” words is mainly to let Language Reactor know which phrases to exclude from the PhrasePump tool where you study words.

It can be helpful visually in subtitles if you’re one of the luckily few that have a language that works well with LR’s Word Frequency data/maybe knows enough words that your Vocabulary Level is higher, so you don’t have a sea of purple words in your subtitles. (For example, Korean word frequency doesn’t work well with the frequency data LR has on it yet.)

[…] I have the special word option turned on but it does absolutely nothing I have no way to mark words like this

Theoretically, the special words function is supposed to cover the instances of names you mention (but not the English Loan words you mentioned being your other priority to exclude from your learning process). Since the Language Reactor code/algorithm sets that data, it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to mark it and that it wouldn’t be helpful in your case.

I hope at least something in here was helpful in your specific use case.

  • Maybe giving “Don’t Learn” another go?
  • Maybe marking “Don’t Learn” but toggling off?
    • This is actually what I do and these words end up having a grey box outlined in purple when you click on them for definitions; it just doesn’t show up when you are watching/reading your subs on video
  • Or maybe you found another workaround until color customization can be an option to mark your Names and English Loan words with the color you would want.

I’m sorry I misunderstood your frustrations the first time around.

P.S. I also had some thoughts on color customization in this comment for a request for more extra tags and colors.