More extra tags and colours please

Hi Developers,

Firstly I’d like to say that I love the program. It is immensely helping me learn Spanish.
Since all languages have basic 8 parts of speech (e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives) I use the tags currently for nouns, verbs, adjectives and subjunctives.
I would like to request for 6 more colours since most Romance languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French etc. have more parts and sub-parts of their speech. For example, they have the subjunctive tenses. I separate the normal indicative verbs and the subjunctives, this is ok as I use two different tags. However, I am not able to tag the others such as adverbs, prepositions. conjunctions etc. Having 10 different tags with different colours would help a lot especially when categorising learning and in phrase pump. One can focus on say just adjectives for practice then the others.

Thanks again Language Reactor. This is a great program.


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I like this idea John :+1:

I posted something similar here:

Having more tag colors would be extremely useful, as a general tool.
In respect of part of speech, my preference would be that the part of speech be automatically identified by LanguageReactor (which can already do this), rather than have to manually tag the part of speech. And then possibly LanguageReactor can also supply functionality to set colors for each part of speech.

But for me, as long as the part of speech is identified, it’s a fairly trivial issue to add color (since I download it and add my own CSS).

An example is in the image below, where I’m identifying certain articles & prepositions and adding my own color via CSS (in addition to using the in-built tags which show up as a yellow highlight color):

Along a similar vain, I was thinking about the comment that David_Wilkinson made on this post: Word Highlighting / Suggested Words Based on Word Frequency:

[…] Also thinking about moving saved word highlighting into colored underlines to make the text less ‘rainbow.’

Because I can see this potential issue in adding more colors for parts of speech making the text more “rainbow.” (Or it at least see it come up as a counterpoint.)

Here is why I still think this is an excellent feature request, and I would actually recommend (if possible) more of a “color palate” style (to allow for more than 6 more colored tags suggested by j_bi) consideration for this feature:

  • […] this allows the text to be analysed in terms of Function of Word. Using colour to differentiate these word functions is particularly useful for language learning students, and notably in use by Montessori schools for children, and also as an aid for learners with difficulties (such as Dyslexia). — Christopher_Adams, Part of Speech - Add Identifier in Subtitles Export

  • Everyone’s eyes respond to certain colors differently. Sometimes, one color is hard to read/recognize quickly (especially as an underline, as tags are formatted) over another color.

  • Not every LR user will use every color; if the feature is done well (toggle on/off or check/uncheck), they can customize it according to their needs without overwhelming their own eyes with colors.

  • LR Users will be able to categorize more than 4 (/more if done by adding 6 more tag colors or using a more “color palate” approach) to tag a wider and more customizable range of categories for their learning. For example, verbs, adjectives, animals, foods, activities, etc.

  • If developers worry about users having too many colors on their subtitles, that could be simplified by users by having a toggle on/off for the user to determine what tags they wish to view in a viewing/learning session.

Additionally, I would suggest using more colors for underlines (a.k.a. tags) (over more colors for coloring in the entire word) to avoid more of a rainbow/someone took a highlighter to every word in the text look.

However, I would throw out there that a “color palette” experience for both the tags (which end up as underlines) and the main text highlighting (which changes the color of the whole word) would benefit the users of LR for the reasons that:

  • Everyone’s eyes respond to certain colors differently. Sometimes, one color is hard to read quickly over another color.
  • Sometimes, certain colors just draw the eye to a word more easily/quickly than the basic (Green, Orange, Purple) colors available for coloring in the whole word.

(Although I totally understand how this could get “out of hand” for users who have too many categories in colors; however, users could simplify that for themselves by having a toggle on/off for the user to determine what tags they wish to view in a viewing/learning session).

On the other hand, if adding extra tags and colors is still not appealing, then perhaps adding a word tagging feature that shows up in your saved words/phrases lists where a word tag functions to group words might seem more appealing/functional to the developers?

The LR user can customize these based on their needs, whether grouped by grammar point, show/source, or any other category.

Related discussion/feature request: I want to categorize my words in LR Saved Items.


  • I plan on making a few feature requests (related to similar topics/ideas I have), but as a new user, I feel like it would be fairer to get more familiar with LR, the forum, and existing posts and requests before I start adding new request posts under the “Request” category.
  • I tried to search the forum and consult related posts to make sure I was explaining things well and referring to related threads.
  • Please let me know if you found any additional/related threads that might help round out the discussion on the possibility of adding 6 more tags.
  • I will edit this if I think of anything else to make the discussion more “robust.”

Thanks for taking the time to read/skim! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Working List of Discussions/Comments Related to These Ideas:

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