I want to categorize my words in LR Saved Items.

Hello lovely LR Team. I have a request that should be really in Language Reactor.
i want to categorize my words in LR Saved Items.
For example i am playing a famous game series. Persona 3
later i will play Persona 4 and Persona 5
i want to know how much words i know in Persona 3 Category and seperately from Persona 4 and 5.
i should be able to create a seperate ‘Marked to Learn’ for each Persona games that i play.
There are some application like Language Reactor that i used. but those applications were seems very simple to use. i hope to see this feature on LR soon. Have a nice day.

Hi, you could use tags for this. They will appear as colored underlines, but you can hide these in the settings, if distracting.

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thanks for the suggestion but i am using tags for different purpose. i categorized them too. for example blue tags are Adjectives. Red tags are Verbs etc etc.