Bring the green highlighted text back!

Seeing all the words that I know in green is really motivating, and really makes you notice a difference from the words that you know and the words that you don’t want to learn. I don’t know if this is something that just happens to me, but today I had the words in green, and suddenly this changed.
I don’t know why this option would be disabled, four days ago you could decide whether to disable it or not, I think this is the best aproach.

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Or make it possible to modify the markdown by putting a manual Hex value for the different colors


Yeah, there’s so many options that are barely worthwhile, but seeing words in green for known, red for learning and white for new, seems such an obvious thing to implement.
I fear the developers are losing touch with what the app is supposed to do. The recently added features seem fairly pointless - just focus on improving usability

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Not sure for how long, but the green highlighted text has been back for a while now:

I don’t think this #request has been updated to reflect the feature being brought back, so I wanted to throw this in here to keep users updated.