Getting Rid of Romanization

I don’t know how to do [ turn off romanization for Korean in subtitles. ]

Thanks for your help!

Hi @T_C ,

You can turn off romanization (called transliterations by LR) by navigating to the settings gear (:gear:) icon for Language Reactor and scrolling to " Show Transliterations." Set it to “No Transliterations,” and you should be good to go on learning without Romanization/transliteration.

I recommend checking your settings are set for the above in the LR extension, on the website, and in the app-like app, If you have it for your mobile device. The settings don’t always appear to carry over to all the tools/mediums Language Reactor has.

Additional Note: Romanization/transliteration still appears in the full dictionary on LR regardless of this setting (as of this reply), so that will still be there. Still, at least it will be out of the subtitles.

I hope this helps you (and future users of LR)!