Reading/Text mode for mobile?

Are there any plans to bring the reading mode to mobile? I only ask because I really love the way Language Reactor implemented reading (it’s a lot better than LingQ and the other apps I’ve tried imo), but the only way to use it on mobile (where I want to do most of my reading) is by going into desktop mode, and it’s just slightly too wonky to be enjoyable/efficient.

Anyway thanks for the great app!


We do not support mobile yet (We have a mobile solution only for the PhrasePump feature) but might do it in the future. We do not have the exact timeline yet, unfortunately.

Hofit, LR team


Yes! I think bringing Text Read mode to mobile would be great!

It would be nice to be able to directly “import” (hitting :star:) sentences directly to the Saved Items list and be able to click on words within the sentence to have similar functionality as the website in Text Mode.

I’m not 100% sure, but it seems like it wouldn’t be as hard as them having the chatbot tab available on the phone (?)—which is currently available through their pseudo-app (PWA)—or at least shows up when you open it on Mobile—though not available in Korean. (I’m learning Korean.)

Though I could be missing something there.

Anyway, great suggestion! I second that for future development! :grin:

P. S.

Saw this the other day, but it’s likely been on the website/pseudo-app (PWA) a while, but it does show that the plan is in the works!:

Note: Only shows up when viewing the main page from the pseudo-app.

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Thanks for the responses!

Yeah, I can’t imagine it would need much work besides some code to fix the layout on mobile, but I understand there are plenty of other priorities.

Of course, as is, it wouldn’t be as functional as the desktop extension, where you can just directly import articles and whatnot, but personally I really wouldn’t mind copy-pasting articles and chapters from books into the app (not sure if other people would agree with me though). Even if copy-pasting would be a little inconvenient compared to other dedicated reader apps, I would still way prefer to keep all my reading in LR where I have all my words saved and where I like the layout. For me it’s miles better than LingQ, Language Crush, etc. (I swear I tried like 8 of these reading apps and didn’t like any of them as much as LR), but I just don’t use it a bunch because most of my free time for reading is on my phone.

Anyway thanks again!

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I think it could actually be even more functional on mobile. At least on iOS, using Apple’s shortcuts app, an entry could be added to the share sheet which would then be available system wide rather than only in the same browser, and which could import text selections or article views extracted from web pages in much the same way as LR’s browser extension for the desktop currently does.

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