Feature request:Using language reactor for reading on external websites- Languager reactor on websites text (i.e. news websites) and PDF text (i.e. novels)

Language reactor is by far the most effective and efficient way I have found in the market to learn a language.

Sadly, it only works well with Videos, and the text feature currently available only works with imported text and is quite limited.

Reading is an essential skill when learning a language, and most videos usually introduce us to colloquial /semi-formal language, and even formal ones like News/Ted talks are not complex enough to improve reading comprehension skills.

As someone who wants to improve his reading skills, I would love to be able to use Language Reactor on news websites and PDFs.

Ideally, I would like to be able to browse websites such as news websites and PDFs such as novels in my target language and be able to just click on the words I don’t know and add them to my library/list.

Unfortunately, the closest thing to this on the market is LingQ which is great for reading but still doesn’t feel real. while you are reading, you are not able to browse the original website itself and just click the words, but instead, you have to import the text to their platform. This small detail may sound trivial (given how easy it is to import text to the platform), but this small detail could have an effect on your motivation when reading. I do not wish to feel like I am studying, having to import text first and read it as pure text, I would rather be able to browse through a real news website, navigate randomly, see whatever I like, be able to view the images, have some annoying advertisements in the target language, all of that would make my experience feel real and genuine, and not a simulation. Unlike the imported raw text you get on the current version of LR and LingQ.

I would prefer an extension that allows me to browse directly and read the original website itself, and not imported text, which neither LingQ or Language reactor currently do.

Would be amazing if the LR team would consider this.


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I asked them about Persian translation not working, no answer (and still not working)
I told them that I couldn’t renew my subscription, no response.

I’m back to LingQ for now, though I’d keep using it for reading in Spanish,
open a discord server and interact with us, and add parsing on websites, reading pdfs and fix languages that stopped working and you’d easily surpass LingQ in quality, and finally pay some language YouTubers to advertise you.