Very powerful, but not perfect --2 suggestions for improvement

Initially, this plugin exceeded my expectations! After a few days of using it and comparing it with other plugins, its performance in combining video subtitle translation and language learning is incomparable, and there are a lot of advantages that you can explore on your own. But I would like to mention 2 drawbacks that I expect the developer to improve in the future:
1/ The quality of machine translation is not as good as it should be, and there are still a lot of errors;
2/ The webpage translation still has a lot of room for improvement, this is compared with another plugin, which is really immersive reading, it directly displays bilingual on the original webpage, and the typography/fonts/style etc. are all perfectly integrated! I think language reactor can do the same, instead of copying the text of the webpage to a separate page for reading, which seriously changes the layout of the original webpage and doesn’t allow for the display of other elements such as images, so for the time being, I’m letting the other plugin I’ve picked out be used when reading webpages. I won’t say the name of that plugin here because of the competition.
I really like the language reactor plugin and I really hope it will continue to grow (while maintaining its current simplicity)!
I’m from China, the above content is machine translated!
Translated with (free version)